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There is no ‘stupid rule’

01 September 2017, Jelena Fedurko-Cohen  The role and objective of a rule – any rule – is to restrict. A RULE prescribes the RIGHT way – in order to restrict one from taking wrong ways. Restricting comes only from the need to prevent a potential negative outcome of doing things ANY OTHER way than the […]

Does TOC have the tools and mindset to understand the benefits to the customer?

07 August 2017, Jelena Fedurko-Cohen  In a recent discussion in TOC Practitioners Worldwide FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1014476831927643/ Richard Zultner made a statement: ”In ToC we do a great job of understanding the benefit of our production, distribution, and retail solutions to the BUSINESS (theirs and ours). But what we must also do for certain project types […]

The future of CCPM – What exactly do we mean when we say “The constraint is in the market”?

20 July 2017, Jelena Fedurko-Cohen Here are my thoughts after the recent late evening discussion, during the Berlin TOCICO Conference, regarding the future of CCPM. The summary of the meeting was recorded by Oded and presented in our Facebook group TOC Practitioners Worldwide: Twenty seven members joined the meeting. The title for the session was […]

The difference between an Obstacle and an UDE

20 January 2017, Jelena Fedurko In the Facebook discussion of my recent blog post If an Injection is a solution you knew BEFORE you built the Cloud, why did you need the Cloud? I wrote a phrase that clearly stated that there is a difference between an Obstacle and an UDE. The phrase read “… are obstacles […]

A riddle on product development projects to think about! Part 2

Read Part 1 06 January 2016, Jelena Fedurko I got a clarification for the riddle as presented in Part 1: “Just one big BUT!! There is a resource conflict. The process engineers in the factories are responsible for both types of projects. New products require new/modified processes. Existing products require improvements – speed, quality, capacity, […]

A riddle on product development projects to think about! Part 1

05 January 2016, Jelena Fedurko A long-standing TOC colleague offered a riddle to solve: Situation: A factory has many projects to do.  Some are the industrialization of new products that they can be produced effectively. Some are improvement projects for speed, capacity, quality, cost reduction, capacity expansions. For the moment assume that the factory/company decides […]